Toukiden 2 – Machina Dispatch Guide

Machina is a little robot that player will get at certain point in Toukiden 2 single player storyline mode. The machina can be accessed via carpenter NPC which situated behind blacksmith in town.


There are 5 option available for machina when you talk with the carpenter NPC:-

  • Discpatch machina
    • This option will allow you to send your machina off to field map for a duration of time to collect mats for your weapon upgrade and cooking.
    • Sometime the machina will return empty handed and this  are cause by the machina that are not fully upgraded to handle the age/mission you send it off to.


  • Repair machina
    • Each time machina were send off to field map and return they will take a hit on their durabality. To fix them the player only need to pay the carpenter with Haku and your machina will be good as new.
    • Make sure to fix the machina since once the durability reach zero, the enhancement will drop by 1 .



  • Enhance machina
    •  Enhance search ability
      • Enhancing this feature will raised the probability of quantity of item that the machina can bring back. Instead of default of 3 item per sucessfull exploration, the machina can return with 7 or more different kind of material
    • Enhance battle ability
      • Survivalability of the machina , this feature is important since this will make you machina survive when they were send off to higher difficulty mission/age.
    • The total of enhancement available to both of the feature are 10.



  • Create brain circuit
    • Further enhancement to what you want the machina to find it for you. There are several type that you can craft.
      • Building
        • Increased chance to find building material.
      • Smithing
        • Incrased chance to find smithing material.
      • Cooking
        • Increased chance to find cooking material.
      • Rarity
        • Increased you machina chance to find higher rank material.


  • Switch brain circuit 
    • Once you create the brain circuit. You can freely change the circuit whenever your machina is in town. The brain circuit can’t be change while the machina were send off to field map.